Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty: Denounces Doyle’s raw milk bill veto

It is clear that Democrat Governor Jim Doyle has bowed to the Massive Milking industry rather than listen to what the people of Wisconsin want. The Raw Milk bill was supported by a majority of the people, passed both the senate and the assembly and should have been signed into law.

Governor Doyle says he made this decision to protect people’s health. The Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty believes people have the right to decide for themselves what is good for their health and what is not. It is the right and responsibility of individuals to inform themselves and make personal choices about the products they choose to use. It is not the proper role of government to take away people’s freedom of choice by deciding for them what they can and cannot buy.

By vetoing this bill, Governor Doyle is turning a blind eye to the farmers that this would have helped: the sale of Raw Milk would have been a supplemental income to help many of the struggling small farmers around the state. Governor Doyle would rather make these small farmers into criminals than allow citizens the freedom to choose for themselves.