Wisconsin Builders Association: Applauds Walker regulatory reform agenda

Contact: Annie Rubens, WBA Director of Communications, (608) 242-5151 ext. 19, [email protected]

Governor-elect Walker’s regulatory reform proposal sends precisely the right message to job-creators: Wisconsin is serious about taming the red-tape monster. We are impressed by the Governor-elect’s proposal and we strongly urge the Wisconsin Legislature to pass it without delay in early January.

Construction is a heavily-regulated industry, with regulators monitoring everything from contract language to the dirt disturbed by construction equipment. Any one of those dozens of inspectors, auditors, reviewers and regulators can bring a job to a screeching halt. Wisconsin needs to do a much better job sifting through those regulations, keeping those that make sense, but eliminating those that just hinder job-creation.

It is unprecedented for a Governor to accept personal responsibility for individual scope statements of regulations. Governor-elect Walker has taken Harry Truman’s philosophy one step further. Not only does the buck stop at the Governor’s desk, the regulatory hassles stop there too.


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