WisBusiness: Gov.-elect Walker to business: You’ve got an ally

By WisBusiness.com staff

MILWAUKEE — Gov.-elect Scott Walker said today he’ll do whatever it takes to bring jobs to Wisconsin.

Walker told a group of Milwaukee civic leaders that he’ll be the “primary supporter, instigator, cheerleader, you have it” when it comes to jobs. Walker has promised to add 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his first four-year term.

“I’m not afraid to pick up the phone” to recruit businesses to Wisconsin, Walker told the Greater Milwaukee Committee, referring to several calls he’s made to businesses he didn’t name. “A lot of businesses are in a holding pattern. I’d like to break that logjam. …You’re going to have an ally in the governor’s office, an ally in state government.”

Walker also signaled his administration appointees will “represent a good cross-section of the people of Wisconsin,” including people from different parts of the state and people with government and non-government backgrounds. “We’ve had people coming out of the woodwork … to become part of the best and the brightest.”

Republican Walker planned to meet later today with Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, whom he called “really gracious” in post-election phone calls. “I really can’t say enough” about the cooperation, he said.