Wis. Bio Industry Alliance: Loss of ethanol tariff would hurt state economy

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Study shows state would lose over 13,000 jobs, $2.4 billion within 3 years

MILWAUKEE – With a federal tariff on foreign-subsidized ethanol set to expire at the end of this year, a recent study by the University of Missouri shows that the economic impact for the state of Wisconsin would be devastating.

Within three years, Wisconsin would lose over 13,000 jobs and nearly $2.4 billion in economic output as a result of direct and indirect damage to the state ethanol industry. The news is also grim for the nation as a whole, which would see over 316,000 jobs and $72.3 billion lost over the same time frame.

“This study shows just how essential it is that Congress pass an extension of the ethanol tariff, particularly for the state of Wisconsin,” said Joshua Morby, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance (WBIA).

Governor Doyle and several Wisconsin businesses involved in the ethanol industry have also signed on in support of efforts to extend the tariff.

Morby is traveling to Washington, DC later this month to discuss the necessity of extending the tariff with members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation.

“We’re very pleased to have the support of Governor Doyle and several members of Wisconsin’s business community,” said Morby. “We hope Congress will take action to prevent these crippling job losses from occurring.”

To view the complete University of Missouri study, please click here.

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