White House Council on Environmental Quality: CEQ Chair Nancy Sutley responds to Governors Granholm and Doyle request for summit on Asian carp

Contact: Christine Glunz


WASHINGTON, DC – Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality today responded to Governors Granholm and Doyle regarding their request for a summit between Great Lakes governors and senior White House officials to identify a rapid response to the threat of Asian carp. The full text of the letter is below:

Governors Granholm and Doyle,

Thank you for your letter to President Obama regarding the threat to the Great Lakes posed by Asian carp. As Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and on behalf of my Federal agency colleagues, I welcome the opportunity to meet with the Great Lakes Governors on this important issue.

As you know, over the past several decades, invasive species have harmed the Great Lakes ecosystem. Today, as we see the threat and potential impact of Asian carp entering the Great Lakes, we have an opportunity to work together to prevent environmental and economic damage before it happens.

I would like to suggest a meeting during the first week of February, either in the Midwest or in Washington D.C., with you and your fellow Great Lakes Governors or your designees, to discuss the strategy to combat the spread of Asian carp and ensure coordination and the most effective response across all levels of government to respond to this threat. In keeping with the strong tradition of regional cooperation, I also hope to discuss ways in which we can continue and strengthen the Federal-State partnership to protect the Great Lakes.

I look forward to meeting with you.


Nancy H. Sutley