UW-Stevens Point: Campus ATMs go surcharge-free

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University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students, along with the rest of the campus community, may find it a bit easier to get to their money. That’s because U.S. Bank, which provides banking services at the university, has dropped its surcharge on non-account holders who use their automatic teller machines on campus.

U.S. Bank recently won renewal of its five-year contract with UWSP. The bank operates three ATMs on campus. One of the stipulations was that it drop ATM fees.

“That came straight from our students,” noted UWSP Controller Bo DeDeker. “A campuswide committee surveyed our students before we took proposals for the latest banking contract, and the request for no-fee ATMs came through loud and clear.”

DeDeker added that the bank’s ATM service on campus remains free to UWSP PointCard users, as well as U.S. Bank customers.

“This has long been a convenient part of life on our campus and, thanks to U.S. Bank, the ATMs are now even more accessible, and we appreciate that,” DeDeker said.