Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin: Wisconsin Transit Week is May 17-23

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Public transit enhances quality of life throughout state

MADISON – In recognition of the key role that public transit systems play in Wisconsin’s economy, environment and quality of life, Governor Jim Doyle has officially proclaimed that May 17-23 is Wisconsin Transit Week. The governor’s proclamation honors Wisconsin’s bus systems, shared-ride taxis, and specialized paratransit and medical transportation companies for the service they provide to urban centers and small communities throughout the state.

The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin (TDA) is sponsoring Wisconsin Transit Week to publicize the availability and benefits of public transit.

“Wisconsin’s transit systems work for everyone,” says TDA Executive Director Craig Thompson. “They have the strong support of the business community, they employ 3,000-plus workers, and they provide more than 70 million rides each year to help people get to work, access health care, do their shopping, and visit family and friends. Funding measures to strengthen intercity bus systems and improve public transit in Wisconsin are a great investment in our communities and the economic future of our state.”

Transit is also a money-saver for the people who use it. According to a new report from the American Public Transportation Association, households that replace one car with transit options can save an average of $9,293 a year in transportation costs.

TDA is promoting Wisconsin Transit Week by furnishing bus companies with templates for promotional signs and website banner ads, and by posting supporting statistics, stories, videos, photos and links on its own website: In addition, Thompson is available for interviews and broadcast appearances to provide Wisconsin Transit Week information.

A copy of Governor Doyle’s Wisconsin Transit Week proclamation accompanies this news release, along with the TDA Wisconsin Transit Week banner ad – feel free to add both to your Web site!

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