Transportation Development Association: Applauds high-speed rail funding

CONTACT: Craig Thompson, TDA Executive Director, 608-577-0345

MADISON – Wisconsin will reap tremendous benefits from becoming one of the first states to receive federal funding as part of a planned nine-state network of high-speed rail service centered in Chicago, said Craig Thompson, executive director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, in a statement released today.

“This project will create new jobs, help Wisconsin’s economy, and give us a great competitive edge,” said Thompson. “We applaud the decision to include Wisconsin’s Milwaukee-Madison link in this first wave of funding and we’re very pleased that the Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison-Minneapolis corridor is one step closer to becoming operational.”

The funding was announced by President Obama this morning; Governor Jim Doyle and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan are expected to make Wisconsin’s official announcement at a news conference this afternoon in Milwaukee.

Thompson said the project would make Wisconsin one of the first key links in the planned system, which would in turn create economic, educational and travel opportunities throughout the state.

“Putting money into upgrading our entire transportation infrastructure is one of the best ways to help Wisconsin’s economy,” he said. “In addition to creating jobs, the projects that are funded create lasting assets that improve our quality of life and help businesses stay competitive.”

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