Shred-it: Fraud fighter achieves identity theft certification


Don Drake



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Micklitz receives CITRMS

MADISON – Lorelle Micklitz, CITRMS, joined the document destruction firm Shred-it as an account executive in February and received certification from the Institute of Fraud Risk Management in March. As a Certified Identify Theft Risk Management Specialist, Micklitz is equipped to understand and address identity theft and related fraud. The certification course addresses risks and issues for consumers, employees, and businesses. Micklitz is now able to offer theft prevention seminars.

“The certification process teaches participants how identity theft occurs, how people can protect themselves against identity theft, and about laws regarding fraud. It’s not just high income people who are victims,” said Micklitz.

Micklitz began preparing for the certification before she joined Shred-it, allowing her to complete the process with unusual speed.

Shred-it, which destroys documents at the client’s site, allows businesses to comply with legislation and ensure that confidential information is kept secure at all times. Shred-it is the world’s largest shredding and recycling company.