Regal Ware: American Kitchen by Regal Ware rewrites the recipe for successful holiday baking and candy making

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Kewaskum, Wisconsin – Holiday baking and candy making are time-honored traditions, but when your hard work results in overcooked or unevenly browned baked goods it can really “burn your cookies!”

The truth is, it’s not your fault. Blame it on the bakeware.

Baking and cooking are two completely different techniques – cooking uses direct heat while baking requires indirect heat for best results. Most bakeware available in stores today is made of aluminum – a good conductor of direct heat, but not the best material for successful baking results.

That’s why American KitchenTM by Regal Ware Bakeware is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel – as a stand-alone material – is a poor conductor of heat, making it the perfect material to ensure that indirect heat is optimized, so that items bake – rather than cook – in the oven. The result is beautifully baked cookies, delicately crumbed cakes, and picture-perfect pies for your holiday table.

On the other hand, when it comes to making candy or melting chocolate, a gentle, direct heat can be a cook’s best friend; but candies can go from perfect to pathetic in short order if the heat is not properly regulated. For this special- occasion cooking task we recommend American KitchenTM by Regal Ware Tri-Ply Cookware. This kitchen essential features a brushed stainless steel induction-capable exterior with an aluminum core that travels both along the bottom and up the sides of the utensil to give you the complete surrounding control you need to quickly and precisely adjust the heat for successful candy making. The 18/10 stainless steel interior of the pan provides the perfect non-reactive cooking surface recommended in many recipes. And when the
candy is done the pan cleans up easily, ready to tackle a variety of your holiday and every day cooking tasks.

Regal Ware Worldwide has been bringing innovative quality products to kitchens throughout the world for more than 65 years. Regal Ware’s expertise and attention to the needs and trends in today’s kitchens led to the initial development of American KitchenTM by Regal Ware, stainless steel cookware with an encapsulated aluminum bottom to concentrate heat at the pan’s base. The American KitchenTM by Regal Ware Commercial 20 Quart Stock Pot was recently added to the fall product line-up at Williams-Sonoma.

American KitchenTM by Regal Ware Bakeware and American KitchenTM by Regal Ware Tri-Ply are the latest product extensions to the American KitchenTM by Regal Ware line of products. The newly introduced product lines can be found at select retailers throughout the United States, as well as on-line.

About Regal Ware Worldwide:

Regal Ware is the premier manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cookware in the United States. Regal Ware’s core values of integrity, dedication, performance and pride define the company, its innovative engineering and legacy of quality manufacturing that dates back to 1911.

Regal Ware was recently named among the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World; and in 2010 received the Direct Selling Association’s Century Award in recognition of 100 years of manufacturing high quality cookware.

In response to recent trends, Regal Ware is committed to bringing people back to the table, and is doing so through consumer initiatives and product offerings that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Regal Ware products include stainless steel and cast aluminum cookware available through both the direct selling and retail sales channels; and drinking water treatment systems for the home. For more information on Regal Ware and Regal Ware products, visit