RedPrairie: Michaels goes live with RedPrairie Warehouse Management and Workforce Management solutions

Specialty arts and crafts retailer manages over 37,000 SKUs across three distribution facilities using RedPrairie solutions

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – RedPrairie Holding Inc., a productivity solutions provider, has announced Michaels Stores, Inc. has gone live with RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management and Workforce Management solutions in three of its distribution facilities. The largest specialty arts and crafts retailer in North America, Michaels will use both solutions to help create new efficiencies in distributing over 37,000 different items to over 1,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

RedPrairie’s solutions support Michaels facilities in Alliance, Texas, Centralia, Wash., and Jacksonville, Fl., with plans to expand support to distribution centers in California, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Both the Warehouse and Workforce Management implementations were upgrades from a prior version.

“Businesses like Michaels represent an important segment in the U.S. retail market,” says RedPrairie CEO Mike Mayoras. “It’s a great pleasure dealing with organizations like theirs that are truly dedicated to the utmost in efficient supply chain practices.”