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Midwest Company Takes on Alternative Marketing Methods – Friends, Fans and a World of Opportunity

ROCK FALLS, IL – How would you like to have hundreds, even thousands of people championing your company?

How would you like them to share information about your products, your services and – perhaps most importantly – your business integrity?

And, how would you like to do this for a small investment and with a whole lot of sincere testimony?

Rotary Airlock, L.L.C., a well-respected, middle-of-the-country company, is on their way to doing just that. And, they’re using a non-traditional method for their industry: social media marketing.

Manufacturing is not typically an industry that comes to mind when considering users of social media. While retail and service providers continue to climb on the popular viral bandwagon – blogging, sharing information and selling themselves through friends and fans – in general, the manufacturing sector has yet to follow that lead actively.

But, Rotary Airlock just “gets it” when it comes to creating evangelists among their customers.

First of all – they do their job very well, the most important criteria to ensure that customers are happy to share the good news through their business networks.

Secondly – customization makes Rotary Airlock’s products and services applicable to a nearly unlimited target customer base, from food to pharmaceuticals. This means that their network is not just local or regional but in fact, a global opportunity.

“A strong online presence consisting of social media and an up-to-date website is the quickest way to keep our customers informed of changes. It would be impossible to do it by phone and email blasts are easily lost among all those our clients receive. In addition, the networking opportunities for both Rotary Airlock and our customers are unmatched by any other means available at this time,” stated Sales Manager Cem Brinckley.

A 24-Hour Resource

With a company mission of re-manufacturing for the purpose of making something “work as good as new if not better”, Brinckley has carried that standard into the company’s marketing efforts by hiring an experienced company to re-brand their online presence.

“Our new website offers more than just ‘who we are’,” he said. “It’s a 24-hour resource for inventory available for purchase, helpful technical information, articles and blogs of airlock issues and solutions, useful for maintaining and helping airlocks to run efficiently.”

They then took their online presence to the next level by adding social media. Such viral tools as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are just some of the ways they can now connect quickly with customers and potential users of their products and services. Everything from information on product lines, pricing and problem solving is easily shared and re-shared through viral channels – and these channels can stretch around the world.

Rotary Airlock, L.L.C. has been setting standards for the re-manufacturing and re-engineering of airlocks and valves for over a decade. While they are already leaders in their industry, their management knows they need to continue to be cutting edge when it comes to marketing themselves. And, viral marketing is today’s hottest tool for spreading the word through the business community.

The typical Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter user may not have a clue about what an airlock does, but manufacturers know, care and need them in their manufacturing processes. Cargill, ADM, Ralston, and Firestone are just some of the very recognizable clients they serve. And, through the Rotary Airlock website, they have a valuable resource for getting solutions to their problems and consistently maintaining operations more quickly than ever before.

In addition, they are happy to share information and comments virally about this valuable resource. While busy people won’t take time to pick up a phone for this purpose, the upcoming, younger generation of managers won’t hesitate to link up with their network and pass along the message.

“In the long run, we’re all in this together,” said Brinckley. “It’s not about keeping secrets from competitors. It’s about making life easier for industry in general. Manufacturing efficiencies positively impact a company’s bottom line, which in turn, positively impacts our whole economy. I’m delighted people share our information with their networks, just as I’m happy to do the same about companies whose products have made our operations more successful.”

Visit to learn more about their services, blog and extensive inventory of remanufactured airlocks. You can also become a fan of Rotary Airlock by logging into Facebook, or visit to read their latest inventory, blog and news updates.