Midland Video: Presents 30 years of clips

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MILWAUKEE, WI (January 4, 2010) – Midland opened its doors in 1980 and, to celebrate their 30th year in business, they’ve gone through their archives to share a variety of clips, outtakes, stories and photos from the past three decades in Milwaukee video history.

Here’s what they’ve found:

Ronald McDonald, Mother Theresa, Christopher Reeve, Leslie Nielsen and a whole lot more…

They’ve all stepped before the cameras of Milwaukee-based video production company MIDLAND VIDEO PRODUCTIONS.

To see an outtake of the Christopher Reeve shoot and more on 30 years of Milwaukee video production, check out our new blog series starting this week and continuing throughout the year at http://www.midlandvideo.com/blog

Midland Video Productions, Inc. is a full-service video production company founded in 1980 by George Liberatore and Neil Jaehnert. Since then MVP has produced thousands of business communication tools for companies worldwide, as well as internet content and documentaries.