Madison International Trade Association: April 15 event – Strategies for doing business in India

Sponsored by: Madison International Trade Association

When: Thursday, April 15

Where: Fluno Center, Skyview Room, 601 University Avenue, Madison, WI

Time: 11:30 – 2pm

Charge (includes lunch): $30 member; $35 non-member

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Event Description: India’s fast-growing economy, large population, and strong human capital base has attracted the attention of many U.S. firms engaged in international business. Opportunities abound for foreign companies but success in the Indian market requires a sound understanding of the country’s business culture, infrastructure constraints, legal issues, and more.

This luncheon session features Indian legal expert Tushna Thapliyal who will share insights and experiences on doing business in India. Ms. Thapliyal will provide information on the common strategies and business models that U.S. firms use when entering the Indian market, including: joint venture with an Indian partner, 100% subsidiary, and technology transfer. Using examples from U.S. firms, she will address topics such as the reasons for selecting a particular business model, the concerns of the foreign investo, and both major and minor issues that arose during the market entry experience. Ms. Thapliyal will also share lessons learned from her extensive work with U.S. firms in India.