Leinenkugel announcement

To: Tenth and Blake employees

From: Jeffrey White

Date: December 6, 2010

Subject: Tenth and Blake personnel announcement – Dick Leinenkugel

As we continue to build Tenth and Blake Beer Company with talented, passionate team members, I paused and asked, “Hey, I wonder if there are any smart, creative Leinenkugels with beer experience who might be interested in joining Tenth and Blake.” Well, Jake’s wife, Peg Leinenkugel, said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” But then we stumbled upon a fellow named Dick Leinenkugel, who agreed to join us as our Business Development Manager.

Dick will work with me as we develop and implement our strategy for engaging and further participating in the craft beer segment. He has loads of beer experience. In fact, Dick was born in the Leinenkugel’s malt house. He began working with Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company (JLBC) as a teenager, sweeping brewery floors and giving brewery tours. He held a variety of positions within Leinenkugel’s and MillerCoors, including vice president of sales and marketing for JLBC and Leinie’s brand manager.

In 2008, Dick took his leadership skills from the beer industry to the public service arena, serving as Wisconsin Secretary of Commerce. Dick is a graduate of Chippewa Falls High School and Marquette University, and he also served as a US Marine Corps officer. Dick and his wife Jean have three children.

We’re pleased as punch (spiked punch) to be adding a teammate of Dick’s caliber to Tenth and Blake Beer Company. He will work out of Tenth and Blake North (Milwaukee).

Welcome to the club, Dick!

Three Questions for Dick Leinenkugel:

Q: What is your favorite beer in the Tenth and Blake portfolio?

Our dad used to tell us that there are two kinds of beer – Leinenkugel’s and free beer. I like them both. In all seriousness, Honey Weiss is my everyday “go to” beer, but my overall favorite is Leinie’s Oktoberfest.

Q: If you could drink a beer with anyone (living or dead), who would it be?

The Bishop of Rome – Pope Benedict XVI over a Leinie’s Original Lager.

Q: If you could be drinking a beer right now anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Can I change “right now” to the “at the best time?”…if so…my answer is in the middle of a Vilas County (WI) lake on a warm, sunny, summer weekend afternoon with a Leinie’s Summer Shandy in one hand and my fishing rod in the other.