Full Compass Systems: Zach Brandon announces Dane County executive candidacy from Full Compass Systems

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Madison, WI – Zach Brandon, current Deputy Secretary of the WI Department of Commerce, announced his candidacy for Dane County Executive today from Full Compass Systems in Madison, Wisconsin. Susan Lipp, Chairman and Owner of Full Compass, introduced Mr. Brandon to a large crowd gathered in their warehouse to help illustrate Brandon’s platform of job creation. Full Compass is one of Wisconsin’s largest woman-owned businesses and employs over 170 people.

Brandon rolled out his vision for job creation in the county which includes three main points: an innovative approach to economic development; growing jobs and attracting businesses to Dane County; and getting serious about the economic climate. He has a proven history of job growth in his current role and will use that experience if elected. Brandon’s main focus will be on creating quality, sustainable jobs in Dane County.

Brandon also spoke about his bold, innovative approach that looks to bring prosperity to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, or sexual orientation. He already has a broad spectrum of support crossing both conservative and liberal lines.

Full Compass Systems was founded by Jonathan Lipp in 1977 and is an example of a small business that has grown and prospered in Dane County. The company has survived several recessions, economic downturns and various other obstacles, yet has continued to grow despite all hardships. Full Compass has also spawned two other businesses that have been spun off; both have independently created jobs in Dane County. The company now generates over $100 million in annual revenue and continues to grow.


Full Compass is a worldwide supplier of professional audio, video, AV, and lighting products, and offers over 700 comprehensive lines including sound reinforcement, recording, special effects lighting, acoustical treatment, and security products.