Focus on Midwest Energy Conference of March 8 Highlights Climate Change Bills

Two co-authors of the energy package currently under consideration in the Legislature remain committed to passing “a very strong bill” this year.

Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, and Sen. Mark Miller, D-Monona, said they expect lawmakers will report changes to the plan out of two select committees in the next several weeks as the Legislature winds down. But they were mum on the changes.

Advocates have hailed the measure as a job creator and a way to keep more money in Wisconsin. Miller and Black told the third annual Focus on Midwest Energy conference that the bill would also prepare the state for its energy future. “Coal is going to have a greater cost in the future,” the Assembly Natural Resources chair said, arguing that passing the “Clean Energy Jobs Act” would enable the state to adjust to future federal climate change measures — through either Congress or the Environmental Protection Agency.

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