Evans: Sees opportunity, launches freight brokerage division

Economic recovery likely to impact service levels in shrinking freight industry

Brookfield, Wis.–June 21, 2010– In response to what it sees as a coming need in the marketplace, Evans, a third-party logistics provider, today announced the launch of Evans Freight Services (EFS) to complement its logistics services division.

“Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers likely will experience difficulty accessing transportation services as the economy continues to improve,” says Tom Aumann, who leads Evans’ EFS division. “When the economy skidded, transportation fleets were taken off the road and a lack of transportation capacity resulted. With economic recovery, business owners must keep an eye out for rising transportation costs and decreases in service levels as demand outpaces transportation capacity.”

Evans has developed a loyal carrier base over 25 years, which it believes will play a key role in providing brokerage customers an easy, cost-effective way to access transportation capacity to help with their freight needs.

“The proven performance of our logistics division throughout the supply chain year over year has delivered dependable service, reduced costs and significant client loyalty,” Evans’ CEO Don Cox says. “Nearly all of our clients have been with us for a decade or more because our disciplined approach, which determines the optimal carrier based on cost, service and specific client requirements. I believe our growing stable of brokerage clients will experience similar satisfaction.”

Evans’ industry-leading proprietary software provides complete client transparency throughout the supply chain. The resulting quality of data collection from clients and efficient interfaces with partner carriers has led to Evans managing more transactions for clients than ever before, with fewer mistakes.

“Fewer corrections and less time spent auditing and reconciling generates significant, positive impact to our clients’ cash position and cash management,” Aumann says.

As a logistics services company, Evans provides world-class freight solutions for leading companies in diverse industries across North America. Visit evanstrans.com to learn more about Evans’ wealth of experience in all modes of transportation. To take the next step in reducing costs and increasing dependability—even for the most complicated transportation needs—call (262) 754-5700 or email info@evanstrans.com.

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