DOT: Governor Doyle approves $965,185 for specialized public transportation

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Ingrid Koch, New Freedom Program Manager

(608) 266-1379, [email protected]

Becky Soderholm, Transit Section

(608) 266-1650, [email protected]

Governor Jim Doyle has approved grants totaling $965,185 for projects that will enhance local transportation options for citizens with disabilities. The grants will support new public transportation services and alternatives beyond the ADA requirements for individuals with disabilities, and will promote coordination between specialized and public transportation statewide.

“New Freedom provides more transportation options than those otherwise available to individuals with disabilities,” said Governor Doyle. “Those of us who are not disabled often take our mobility for granted. People with disabilities should have equal access to work, appointments and the full range of local activities.”

New Freedom program funds, administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, are awarded for capital and operating expenses. Several of the projects will continue to support mobility managers to coordinate rides and vehicles so that existing vehicles and services can be utilized as fully as possible. Other projects will provide transportation services, such as volunteer driver and voucher programs for individuals with disabilities, or travel training to help them learn how to use a public transit system so that they can have greater freedom and flexibility in using transportation services.

The matching grant program provides 50 percent to 80 percent of project costs, depending on whether the request is for capital or operating expenses. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, local governments and operators of public transportation services. The fifth grant cycle will be announced sometime in the summer of 2010.


NOTE: See attached list for names of grant recipients and award amounts: