Dept. of Commerce: Secretary Leinenkugel seeks Wisconsin partners for National Entrepreneurship Week 2010

Contacts: Tony Hozeny, Department of Commerce, 608/267-9661

MADISON – The fourth annual recognition of National Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) occurs February 20 through February 27, 2010. Sponsored by the National Consortium for Education Excellence, National Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of American entrepreneurs and the educational programs currently preparing youth to develop a passion toward entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

“Last year, organizations hosted events that celebrated the power of entrepreneurship throughout Wisconsin,” said Department of Commerce (Commerce) Secretary Richard J. Leinenkugel. “Once again, we’d like to encourage state and local government, schools, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and community leaders to observe the week by hosting events.”

The focus of this fourth year’s celebration includes the celebration of Wisconsin’s entrepreneurs and the lifelong learning educational opportunities that prepare the NEW business leaders of the future. Organizations will find resources to support their event and program planning on the National Consortium for Education Excellence web site at

With the theme Entrepreneurship Empowers Everyone, organizations are encouraged to begin planning now. Joining in the recognition of National Entrepreneurship Week provides our leaders, educators and entrepreneurs from every walk of life with an opportunity to once again celebrate Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial spirit.

In collaboration with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Network, our state will heighten the awareness of Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial spirit by utilizing the social networking media, DPI’s YouTube.

As social media has profoundly changed the way entrepreneurs connect, by utilizing YouTube, Wisconsin entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be a part of the state’s celebration and gain recognition of their entrepreneurial spirit.

To learn how to showcase your entrepreneurial story on DPI YouTube or to promote E-Week events through the National Entrepreneurship Week web site contact Carol Dunn, Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Entrepreneurship, at 608-267-0297 or [email protected] for submission guidelines.