CREWE: Statement on introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs Act

CONTACT: Thad Nation, (414) 412-7814

(MADISON, Wis.)—The coalition for Clean, Responsible Energy for Wisconsin’s Economy (CREWE) released this statement Thursday following Governor Doyle’s announcement of new legislation based on the recommendations of his Task Force on Global Warming, as well as a new report showing 15,000 jobs would be created from implementing the legislation:

“CREWE would like to thank Governor Doyle and members of the State Legislature for all their hard work in developing this legislation.

“Our organization continues to strongly support the recommendations of the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming, which reached a carefully constructed compromise based on the positions of industry leaders, citizens, environmental groups, and members of state government. We hope that this new legislation will preserve both the spirit and the application of those recommendations.

“In addition, it’s encouraging to see findings from this new report that demonstrate what our coalition has been saying all along: that implementing the Task Force recommendations will help grow our state’s economy and create new, clean energy jobs. We plan on continuing to work to help pass and implement legislation that does exactly that.”

CREWE is a coalition that formed to advocate meaningful change in energy policy consistent with the Governor’s Global Warming Task Force final report, which will have a positive impact on Wisconsin’s economic development and security while fostering job creation.

CREWE’s membership consists of CleanPower, Alliant Energy, EcoEnergy, Johnson Controls, Xcel Energy, C5•6 Technologies, Axley Brynelson, Madison Gas and Electric, Orion Energy Systems, Forest County Potawatomi Community, Wisconsin Energy Corp., Poblocki Sign Company, Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, MillerCoors, American Transmission Co., WPPI Energy, DTE Energy Services, Kranz, Inc., and Greenwood Fuels.

The coalition is dedicated to joining forces with other supporters to promote responsible policies that address climate change; create jobs; promote energy efficiency, reliability and independence; and mitigate the economic impacts of rising energy costs.

For more information on joining this campaign, please visit and follow CREWE on Twitter (@WI_CREWE).