Adams Outdoor Advertising: Raises awareness of Gulf Coast plight


Rachel Tatge

Marketing Coordinator

Adams Outdoor Advertising


MADISON, WI. Adams Outdoor Advertising created an ongoing public service message that brings attention to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The message, which first ran in this region on Madison’s digital billboard and is now on a Hwy 51 billboard, depicts an image of two shrimp with blackened heads suspended above a single black brushstroke, forming a sad face. The image was designed by the Art Directors of Adams Outdoor Advertising.

Adams Outdoor Advertising does not seek to take a political position but wants the ads to convey the sadness of the spill.

“This was an opportunity to speak from the public’s perspective on a current issue that affects us all, and in such a public format as a billboard,” says AOA Art Director Evan Schultz. “The pure simplicity of the design speaks in different ways to different people, and shows that even an image alone can be compelling and spark important discussion.”

Based in Atlanta, Adams Outdoor Advertising has devoted part of its website to the campaign, where you can download a poster with the image and a written message about examining our actions so we can become the change we want to see.

Every year, Adams Outdoor Advertising in Madison donates over $500,000 towards PSA campaigns.

Adams Outdoor Advertising, Ltd Partnership has offices in seventeen cities covering eight states including North and South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.