WMC: Hails Gov. Doyle signing of wind farm bill

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Small Wind Farm Standards Needed for WI

NEW BERLIN — Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Wednesday hailed Governor Jim Doyle for signing bi-partisan legislation to allow uniform rules for the development of small wind farms. The Legislature passed the bill earlier this month with broad bi-partisan support.

“The business community hails Gov. Doyle for signing this small wind farm law that creates uniform standards for creating renewable energy,” said James A. Buchen, WMC vice president of government relations. WMC, organized labor, environmentalists, utilities and other business worked together to pass the legislation.

Doyle said he would sign the bill at ABB, Inc., an electric motor manufacturer, in New Berlin this afternoon. WMC supported the small wind farm legislation and worked with policymakers of both parties to pass the bill into law.

“Under the new law, Wisconsin will have scientifically based, uniform rules for small wind farms, our state will likely see increased interest in developing those wind farms,” Buchen said.

The new law will help Wisconsin meet the statutory requirement that 10 percent of the state’s electricity come from renewable resources by 2015. “Gov. Doyle’s signature on this bill today helps ensure we will achieve a 10 percent renewable mandate on time,” Buchen said.

WMC purchases 50 percent of its power at its Madison headquarters from renewable sources such as wind.

The new law requires the Public Service Commission to issue standardized rules for small wind farms. Local units of government would then apply these uniform standards as they consider small wind farms of under 100 megawatts.

“We agree with Gov. Doyle that we don’t want a patchwork quilt of local ordinances regulating the development of renewable energy resources as consumers seek cleaner energy sources.” Buchen said.