Wisconsinmade.com: Wisconsin entrepreneur featured in national magazine

Madison, WI — Wisconsin entrepreneur, Linda Remeschatis, is currently featured in the October, 2009 U.S. News And World Report article: Entrepreneurship Is The New Retirement. The article cites Remeschatis’s on-line gourmet food and gift store, Wisconsnmade.com, as an example of baby boomers redefining retirement. Ten years ago, Remeschatis left her job as a Wisconsin assistant district attorney to start Wisconsinmade.com . The article acknowledges the steep challenges faced by entrepreneurs and explains why baby boomers are the most likely population demographic to succeed.

The article also identifies key factors entrepreneurs consider when deciding where to locate a start-up. Madison, WI meets these criteria. Proximity to a university is one strong factor, and the article names the UW-Madison Business School’s Weinert Center For Entrepreneurship as a resource available to Wisconsin entrepreneurs. In fact, Remeschatis received business guidance from UW-Madison’s Small Business Center when she launched Wisconsinmade.com . UW-Madison’s active assistance to entrepreneurs is a good example of how a major university supports its community.

This October US News And World Report article is a follow-up to the magazine’s June 2009 article, 10 Great Places For Entrepreneurs To Retire, which also featured Remeschatis. In it, the city of Madison was specifically recommended for retirement and entrepreneurship.

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