Wisconsinmade.com: Signature rum cakes by Marlene’s Premiere Desserts now available on Wisconsinmade.com

MADISON, WISCONSIN (11/11/09) – Wisconsinmade.com, an e-commerce gourmet food and gift store, is happy to announce the addition of Marlene’s Premiere Desserts to its growing family of Wisconsin artisans. Wisconsinmade.com carefully selects only the finest-quality products made in Wisconsin and offers them for sale on the Internet. “We are delighted that Marlene’s fabulous rum cakes are now on our website,” said Linda Remeschatis, owner of Wisconsinmade.com . “The scrumptious taste and elegant appearance of Marlene’s rum cakes are perfect desserts for a holiday table. Our customers are sure to enjoy both Marlene’s signature rum cake and her lemon creme.”

About Marlene’s Premiere Desserts:

In 1997, Marlene Squires-Swanson began giving her signature rum cakes as holiday gifts to friends and family. The cakes were received with such enthusiastic appreciation, that Marlene was encouraged to experiment with additional flavors and cremes. The premiere rums and liqueurs she uses in all of her cakes give them a luscious flavor and moist texture that melts in the mouth. Last year, when the company Marlene worked for was hurt by the economic recession and Marlene needed new employment, she decided to go into business for herself. Marlene explained, “I just couldn’t sit still and wait for something to come to me. I had to set an example for my children, demonstrating that if you want something you have to take the initiative and work for it.” Marlene applies this can-do attitude to her new business as well as her baking. This past summer she sold her cakes at four separate farmers markets in Wisconsin. She’s convinced her local food store in her hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin to carry them. And now by partnering with Wisconsinmade.com, Marlene’s Premiere Desserts gains a strong internet presence. In the short time that Marlene’s cakes have been available on Wisconsinmade.com, customers have discovered them, and Marlene is now shipping her cakes across the country.

About Wisconsinmade.com:

The web-store showcases over 2500 products made with pride and passion by more than 250 Wisconsin artisans. Wisconsinmade.com receives national attention for the regional-specialty foods it delivers, such as the championship Wisconsin cheeses, high-quality meats, sweetened cranberries, pure maple syrup, and the gourmet pastries identified with Wisconsin’s ethnic heritage. Visitors to Wisconsinmade.com find hand-crafted art for the home and office created in multiple media by Wisconsin artisans. Also featured are books written by Wisconsin authors; CD’s produced by Wisconsin musicians; Wisconsin-sports apparel; gift baskets, and gourmet foods. Wisconsinmade.com delivers the best of Wisconsin to the rest of the U.S.A.


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