Wisconsin State AFL-CIO: Statement re: Patrick Cudahy Workers Relief Fund

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We’re sure most of you have already heard of the devastating fire at the Patrick Cudahy plant in Milwaukee. 1400 union brothers and sisters will be out of work due to this fire for an unknown period of time. United Food and Commercial Workers Local #1473 has established a Hardship Fund to assist its members and their families. Both individual and union donations would be greatly appreciated. Be as generous as you can!

Please see the letter below from Local #1473 for more detail and information on where to send your donations.

In Solidarity,

David Newby

Sara J Rogers
Exec. Vice President

Phillip Neuenfeldt



On July 6th 2009, the five alarm fire continues to blaze at the Smithfield owned, Patrick Cudahy plant in Cudahy, Wisconsin. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 1473 (UFCW), represents approximately 1,400 Patrick Cudahy workers at this location.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the workers and their families at the Patrick Cudahy Plant and for the safety of the firefighters. We will work closely with Smithfield management in order to minimize the impact of this fire on our members and their families,” said Local President John Eiden in a statement earlier today.

City officials have evacuated the area surrounding the plant and there is still no word on total damage. As the workers wait for the plant reopening, UFCW Local 1473 has established a hardship fund and is accepting donations to help the Patrick Cudahy workers and their families.

“Local 1473 has a long and proud history of coming to the aid of fellow brothers and sisters in the Labor Community. Today we ask that fellow union brothers and sisters and community members to help our members and their families in the aftermath of this tragic event; in their time of need,” said President Eiden.

If anyone wishes to make a monetary donation to the UFCW – Patrick Cudahy Worker Relief Fund to help the workers and families at the Patrick Cudahy plant make checks payable to Patrick Cudahy Workers Relief Fund care of UFCW Local 1473. The Union is also accepting non-perishable food items.

Please send checks and non-perishable food items to:

Patrick Cudahy Workers Relief Fund
UFCW Local 1473
2001 N. Mayfair Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226