Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation: Fall harvest weight limits begin on Sept. 1

Contact: Paul Zimmerman, Executive Director of Public Affairs


MADISON – The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is reminding farmers that fall harvest weight limits take effect from Sept. 1 through Nov. 30.

That means an overweight truck permit is not required for the transportation of corn, soybeans, potatoes, vegetables or cranberries from the field to initial storage, or from the field to the initial processing point. This applies if the vehicle or combination of vehicles has a gross weight of 50,000 pounds or more and if the vehicles do not exceed weight limits by more than 15 percent.

“This exemption is especially important considering the high energy prices that farmers are paying,” said Paul Zimmerman, executive director of public affairs for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. “More weight on each load means fewer trips from the fields and greater efficiency.”

This exception does not apply on Class “B” highways or on highways designated as part of the national system of interstate and defense highways.

“Farmers should check with local law enforcement officials to make sure there are not special restrictions on roads they may be using,” Zimmerman said.