Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp.: Energy initiative leader recognized for industry expertise

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– Sue Durst appointed to emerging green association board –

MADISON, Wis. (May 4, 2009) – Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC), a national leader in the design and implementation of award-winning energy savings programs, announces the appointment of Sue Durst to the board of Clean Wisconsin. The position will allow her to work collaboratively with Clean Wisconsin to help provide internal structure to their workforce as the organization continues to grow.

Sue Durst – Clean Wisconsin

Sue Durst, Director of Human Resources for WECC, was appointed to a two-year term with Clean Wisconsin. She will be responsible for playing an internal human resources role for the growing environmental awareness group. The 22-person organization helps protect, improve and sustain Wisconsin’s clean water and air by holding Wisconsin politicians, polluters and regulatory agencies accountable; educating Wisconsin residents, media and government policy makers; and forging stronger alignment across environmental advocacy groups and environmental philanthropists with interest in Wisconsin.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to lend my experience to Clean Wisconsin,” said Durst. “It is a great opportunity to share my knowledge on recruiting and managing an effective workforce with a growing voice on Wisconsin green issues.”

Durst has recruited the talent behind WECC’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for seven years. It is that experience planning, implementing and managing the rapidly growing organization within the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry that will be applied at Clean Wisconsin.

In addition to growing an energy efficiency savvy workforce at WECC, Sue is responsible for administering the company’s compensation and benefits plans, ensuring compliance with labor and employment laws, facilitating staff development and training, overseeing the employee performance-review process and fostering positive employee relations to ensure WECC remains a great place to work.

Durst received nominations from the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and a unanimous approval by all directors on the board.

For more information about WECC, call (800) 969-9322 or visit weccusa.org .

About the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation is a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wis. Established in 1980, WECC is a national leader in designing and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that partner with private businesses to deliver value to consumers. It champions innovative energy initiatives that deliver short- and long-term economic and environmental benefits to consumers, businesses and policy makers. For more information about WECC, call (800) 969-9322 or visit weccusa.org.