Wisconsin Ducks Inc.: Original Wisconsin Ducks are open for business

Not the Company Affected by Fire

Wisconsin Ducks Incorporated, also known as Original Wisconsin Ducks, is open for business and was not affected by a fire. Another amphibious tour that also operates in Wisconsin Dells, called Dells Army Ducks, is the business that incurred a fire on Sunday night (Mar. 29, 2009).

Please do not use the generic term “Wisconsin Ducks” in news copy about the fire at Dells Army Ducks as that term is part of our legal and operating name. It causes confusion with the consumer. Furthermore, referring to the tours generically as “Dells Ducks” may also create confusion as there are two separate companies.

Original Wisconsin Ducks is the largest fleet of amphibious tour ducks in the country with 90 ducks.



Andrea Novotny

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