WisBusiness: Janesville GM plant could be used for production of new small car

By Greg Bump

Gov. Jim Doyle today praised news that the idled Janesville GM plant is one of three domestic facilities under consideration to build a new, smaller vehicle.

“We are still alive,” Doyle said today at a press conference at Ballweg GM in Middleton.

The news comes as the automaker announced that it has filed for bankruptcy. Doyle said the Janesville plant wasn’t listed for sale as part of the bankruptcy.

Doyle, who said he heard the news from GM execs this weekend, said the development means there’s still “hope and opportunity to compete for jobs to manufacture cars in Janesville.”

Doyle also said that the Kenosha Chrysler engine plant, which was also slated to close, won’t be sold as part of the liquidation of assets due to that bankruptcy and will be offered to potential buyer Fiat as a possible site for manufacturing.

“Everything we have been fighting for is to get us to the point we’re at today,” Doyle said.

“Today we are learning that there may be hope for Kenosha since its bankruptcy agreement does not include the sale of the plant there but leaves open the possibility that Fiat may be able to make an offer on the property,” Doyle said in a prepared statement.