WisBusiness: Governor announces $240 million for UW-Milwaukee building projects

By Tammy McCubbin

For WisBusiness.com

Gov. Jim Doyle today announced a $240 million investment in UW-Milwaukee as part of his capital budget that would allow the school to move forward on building projects for science and engineering, freshwater science and public health.  

The money comes in addition to more than $100 million the school has raised from private donors for the initiatives.

“This is important for long-term economic health,” Doyle said.  “UWM has several worthy projects. This funding will help them do that.”

Doyle made his announcement at the Great Lakes Water Institute, which could see significant renovations if the funding is approved by the Legislature.

The university would have flexibility to determine which projects to move forward on and set timelines. Some specific projects that UWM is planning that the funding could support:

*Renovating the Great Lakes Research Facility and replacing the aging “Neeskay” Research Vessel

*Building a facility to house the School of Freshwater Science near Discovery World and the Milwaukee Art Museum on the shores of Lake Michigan

*Building a new College of Engineering facility on the county grounds in Wauwatosa

*Locating a building for School of Public Health in downtown Milwaukee

*Building an integrated research building on the main campus

“This will help put people to work,” Doyle said.  “It will grow the economy in southeast Wisconsin.”

Doyle is expected to release his full capital budget in the next few weeks.