White House: New report shows how health insurance reform will benefit Wisconsin

Contact: HHS Press Office

(202) 690-6343

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today released How Health Insurance Reform Will Benefit Wisconsin, a new report outlining how health insurance reform will improve health care for all in Wisconsin. Sebelius announced the availability of the new report as part of a webcast – “Health Insurance Reform: What’s in it For You” – where Sebelius and top HHS officials took questions from the American people and discussed the importance of health insurance reform. The new report is available at http://www.HealthReform.gov.

“Today’s report shows how health insurance reform will help all in Wisconsin save money, get better care, strengthen their insurance if they already have it, and afford insurance if they don’t,” said Sebelius. “Every American will benefit when we pass health insurance reform.”

Today’s report shows how reform will:

* Lower health care costs

* Increase health care choices by protecting what works and fixing what’s broken

* Assure quality, affordable care for all Americans

The reports released today are the second in a series of state-by-state reports on health care across the country. Earlier this summer, Sebelius released The Health Care Status Quo in Your State, a series of state by state reports on the current state of health care in Wisconsin. The report is available at http://www.healthreform.gov/healthcarestatus.html.