White House: Governors Granholm and Doyle, Obama administration officials discuss goals for a clean energy economy in Saginaw

Saginaw, MI – Today, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, Executive Director of the White House Council on Auto Communities and Workers Ed Montgomery, and Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and International Affairs David Sandalow joined Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle in hosting a Clean Energy Economy Forum with a diverse group of local and regional stakeholders in Saginaw, Michigan.

The group discussed the administration’s vision for a comprehensive energy plan to jump-start the American clean energy sector and create millions of new jobs developing technologies that will cut pollution while producing alternative sources of energy. Governors Granholm and Doyle conducted a productive conversation with local stakeholders and discussed how achieving energy independence can strengthen local and regional economies. Congressman Dale Kildee was also in attendance.

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm said, “Michigan and the Midwest are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the job growth and economic growth opportunities that clean energy offers. Federal energy and climate legislation can help create the right environment for Michigan businesses to seize these opportunities and lead the world in energy technology over the next century.”

Governor Jim Doyle said, “I want to thank President Obama for setting this country on a course to reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels. For Wisconsin, that means that we have new opportunities to build jobs around creating cleaner energy and finding more efficient ways to use it. Better energy policies will mean cleaner air and water, reduced costs and more jobs.”

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said, “In the next few years, someone is going to revolutionize the way we manufacture solar panels, or build wind turbines or discover a new light-weight battery for electric cars. It’s going to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy, and I want to make sure that that someone lives, works and creates jobs in Michigan, Wisconsin and other states across America.”

White House Council on Auto Communities and Workers Executive Director Dr. Ed Montgomery said, “Clean energy has the opportunity to help revitalize the American auto industry. We are investing billions for the advanced batteries that will help America take the first step toward leading the world in clean automobile technology. But recovery isn’t just about cars. It is also about next-generation technology and manufacturing.”

Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and International Affairs David Sandalow said, “Clean energy jobs can put Michigan back to work in good, high-paying jobs. Let’s invest in our future now.”