Vital Media Group: Launches ThirdCoast Digest

Contact: Susie Falk


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New Internet site harnesses collaborative opportunities unique to the web

Milwaukee, Wis., March 10, 2009 – Vital Media Group, LLC, former publishers of VITAL Source Magazine, today announced the launch of ThirdCoast Digest, located on the web at

The new website will continue VITAL Source’s commitment to local arts, culture and community, publishing new features, stories, reviews and more every Thursday. ThirdCoast Digest will also offer a weekly podcast available for streaming or download each Wednesday, plus videos and more.

ThirdCoast Digest offers a uniquely collaborative editorial model. In addition to VITAL Source’s content, ThirdCoastbroadens its focus by publishing the work of local independent media partners and community journalists (also known as bloggers). To date, ThirdCoast has partnered with major collaborator Footlights, and with WMSE, Radio Milwaukee, Fan-belt Milwaukee and Bay View Compass. These editorial partners contribute feeds from their own websites to specific subject areas on ThirdCoast Digest. ThirdCoast will continue to add media partners that fit the site’s model for providing content that serves Milwaukee-area residents needs and interests.

Community journalists will add a key dimension to ThirdCoast by offering coverage of a wide range of subjects of critical interest to Milwaukeeans. Each contributor has been chosen for his or her literate expertise and/or personal flair for subject matter. Look for hand-selected posts on politics, education, the economy, the environment and more, from diverse sources as the Public Policy Forum’s “Milwaukee Talkie” and Mike Brenner’s “Milwaukee Versus.” Contributed content will be updated on an ongoing basis, keeping content fresh daily at ThirdCoast Digest.

“There’s so much relevant information and lively discussion out there on local blogs and smaller websites, but it’s sometimes hard to find – and there is much to keep track of,” said ThirdCoast publisher Jon Anne Willow. “We’ve combed the web in an effort to create a central starting point for a broader conversation about, and perspective on, our city.” Contributed posts will appear on the site with their headline and an excerpt. To read the full post, visitors will click through to the originating site, building traffic and awareness for the contributors.

“Footlights is thrilled to be partnered with the new ThirdCoast Digest web site,” said Steve Marcus, owner of Marcus Promotions, publisher of Footlights and Footlights Online. “Collaboration is the key to success in this age and in this media. Here we can feed off of each other’s strengths to be the best source for news, culture, and entertainment in the Milwaukee market.”