UW-Madison: New Badger Career Network features job alerts for UW-Madison grads

Contact: Gina Evans, 608-263-4507, [email protected]

MADISON – University of Wisconsin-Madison graduates looking for a career edge can now be the first to know about job opportunities, networking events and online tools through the expanded Badger Career Network, provided by the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA).

The improved suite of services also now includes Badger Career Network Job Alerts, a new online service that connects mid-career and executive-level UW-Madison alumni with employers seeking to fill job openings that require specific expertise.

“We’re proud to debut this unique job alert service as part of the new Badger Career Network,” says Paula Bonner, WAA president and CEO. “It’s truly a one-of-a-kind way for employers to meet their immediate needs and reach Badger alumni who have the skills that come with a world-class UW education.”

Badger Career Network Job Alerts is the first program to deliver notice about career opportunities to qualified graduates from any UW-Madison school, college or department who live in Wisconsin, anywhere across the country or around the world. The service was developed in partnership with Thrive, the economic-development enterprise for the eight-county Madison Region.

Employers that use Badger Career Network Job Alerts can tap into WAA’s connection to more than 350,000 potential employees in the worldwide UW-Madison alumni network. This highly targeted, affordable service is now open to Wisconsin employers, and will soon be available to companies around the country.

“Thrive heard from health care and biotech employers that recruiting a specialized workforce is a top priority,” says Thrive president Jennifer Alexander. “Working with the Wisconsin Alumni Association on this project allows us to help businesses throughout the region. Even in these tough economic times, recruiting top talent remains a challenge for businesses in core foundational industries and key growth sectors. We’re delighted to have been able to partner with the WAA on this breakthrough initiative that will aid both business and UW-Madison alumni.”

For many years, UW-Madison alumni have volunteered their time to offer career advice and mentorship to fellow Badgers through the Badger Career Network. Today, alumni who sign up to participate will also enjoy access to a virtual career center; BuckyNet, the university’s online job board; a monthly e-newsletter; and invitations to career-related events and teleclasses.

“Especially in these difficult economic times, we’re more aware than ever that Badgers are looking for the valuable career resources that WAA offers,” says Gina Evans, WAA’s career and corporate relations specialist. “It’s free to join and participate, and it’s a great way for alumni to maximize their connections to their alma mater and advance their careers.”

Alumni can find the Badger Career Network at http://uwalumni.com/careers. Employers interested in the Badger Career Networks Job Alerts program should contact Gina Evans at 608-263-4507 or [email protected].