Top Line Growth: Achieving growth in a struggling economy

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Hudson, WI – Teicko Huber has always been a fighter. Having spent a lifetime overcoming obstacles, he has never allowed circumstance to determine success. So it’s no surprise that in 2005, he used a long surgery recovery to research strategies on how he could help small businesses grow. From that new insight, as well as five years of medical sales experience, Teicko developed a business-to-business strategic management consulting company, Top Line Growth, LLC. In this tough economy, Teicko’s determination to discover results is exactly what struggling businesses need.

Top Line Growth utilizes a multi-disciplined approach to re-engineer sales and marketing operations of visionary companies experiencing growth hurdles. By partnering with best-in-class providers, Top Line Growth makes exclusive tools readily available to small businesses and, when necessary, taps into the expert resources of various disciplines. For companies whose vision has become blurred, Top Line Growth shows them their focal point and gives them the tools and insight necessary for growth.

As if that weren’t enough, Teicko set his sights on another ground-breaking concept: the Sky Center. Recently opened in Hudson, Wisc., the Sky Center offers a centralized office space, including a fully-equipped conference room, beverage stations, fax, wireless internet and graphic design and printing services. Whether it’s a small executive meeting or large staff training, the Sky Center offers a private, yet professional, atmosphere, saving companies the time and hassle of finding space in a crowded restaurant or coffee shop. And, for as low as $125 per month, companies with little to no office save can save money on overhead.

Through Top Line Growth and the Sky Center, Teicko is using his driven spirit to look for the potential in emerging businesses and offer them the tools needed to find growth and success. His no-nonsense, “shot-in-the-arm” approach can take small businesses from stagnant to successful. To learn more, contact Teicko at 888.834.3060
or [email protected]. Individuals, looking for new sales and marketing tactics, can find Top Line Growth Courses at under the extras/news tab.

About Top Line Growth – Top Line Growth is a minority-owned business specializing in re-thinking and re-engineering sales and marketing operations of emerging and visionary companies. Beginning in 2005, Top Line Growth was started by Teicko Huber, Principal, Keynote Speaker and Innovation GamesTM Facilitator.

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