THE Right Side of Wisconsin: Has been relaunched as THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network

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Algoma, WI – March, 3 2009 – THE Right Side of Wisconsin, recently ranked by BlogNetNews “the most influential blog in the State of Wisconsin” for two weeks running, announces that it is relaunching itself as THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network. The flagship blog THE Right Side of Wisconsin already boasts such contributors as Ambassador Mark Green, Jean Hundertmark, Senator Glenn Grothman, Representative Kevin Petersen, National Columnist Camille Solberg, Conservative Critic Andy Haaf and others, and will now open its doors to any conservative in Wisconsin that wants to become a political blogger. In addition, THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network will host a weekly internet radio program called “from THE Right Side of Wisconsin” which will discuss the best blog content from the previous week along with interviews from Wisconsin’s political news makers…

“One of the main differences between thinkers and thought leaders is that thought leaders have a platform from which to speak” said Todd Lohenry, founder of THE Right Side of Wisconsin and owner of parent company e1evation, llc. “By providing a blog and the training, support, and hosting conservative thinkers need to get started, we plan to give conservatives a trickle-up voice in the future of our state and nation.” Chief Technology Officer Jesse Seymour will run the back-end processes that enable a new generation of Wisconsin conservative writers to let their views be heard throughout Wisconsin and around the world. THE Right Side of Wisconsin’s Alexa rankings [traffic, reach, and pageviews] are already some of the highest in the Wisconsin blogosphere, surpassing even those of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Contributors will receive their own blog site and readers will be able to vote to promote content to the flagship blog. Writers who join the network will receive pageviews that might take years to build under normal circumstances. THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network will also share its secrets for growing traffic with any existing conservative blogs and offer training and support for both the Blogger and WordPress platforms. Custom designed themes are also available for a small donation…

“I’ve watched Todd grow from his first blog to this day” said website artist Heather Blish of Ideal Campaigns “few people in Wisconsin know more about running a successful blog and helping others to become successful at it than he does”. By giving a voice to any conservative thinker who is willing to learn to blog, THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network aims to play a major role in returning Wisconsin to it’s rightful position as a red state in coming elections through the ‘trickle-up’ process. New bloggers can sign up at

THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network is wholly owned by e1evation, llc and exists to give a voice to conservative thinkers in the State of Wisconsin. The views expressed in THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network are our own and those of our contributors and are not endorsed or paid for by any mentioned parties…