The Exclusive Black Bag: Now, more than ever, communities need to support their local businesses

Now, more than ever, communities need to support their local businesses. The Exclusive Black Bag promotes the local economy by creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Homeowners receive gifts and offers they will not find anywhere else, and businesses have a cost effective way to exclusively invite a select group to their business. As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “You already possess whatever your heart desires….It’s right in your own backyard.”

Do you like getting a surprise gift? Everyone enjoys getting presents.

The concept: The stars receive goodie bags worth thousands on Grammy and Emmy night; homeowners included in select target areas receive The Exclusive Black Bag delivered to their front door. A glossy black gift bag with ribbon and tissue (just like a present you would give to a friend or family member), filled with gift certificates, complimentary offers, gifts and information about local businesses.

Each month The Exclusive Black Bag is delivered to 250 different homes in each one of our areas. Each affluent subdivision has been selected based on the areas home values. Service is available in Green Bay, Appleton, The Lake Drive area of Milwaukee, Brookfield/Elm Grove and coming soon to the The Lake Country area of Waukesha.

Companies (depending on availability) can select one, several or all areas to be included in. Along with our residential program we are excited to present our Business to Business program. Beginning January 2010, this program delivers directly to 50 different business owners in each one of our areas every month.

The residential service is exclusive to each business. The Exclusive Black Bag only includes one of each type of business for each area. “We are loyal to our businesses. Our goal is to promote their business, not their competitions”, states Nowakowski. Previously the few other types of advertising that Heather did to promote her design business- the ads were placed directly next to businesses promoting the same products and services. “Competition is always healthy but, that doesn’t mean I want to pay for it”, explains Nowakowski. Some of the residential areas do have waiting lists for certain business categories.

Why do homeowners thank us for receiving The Exclusive Black Bag? Simply put the businesses know the clients we deliver to and want them as clients. So, they include “gifts” verses “deals”. The Exclusive Black Bag is filled with gift certificates and gifts not coupons and 10% off vouchers. Some of the gifts include complimentary bottles of wine, complimentary dinners and free custom blinds just to name a few. The idea is to be nice, nice and more nice! People pay attention when you make them feel special. The idea is to invite these homeowners to visit your business, try your product, or invest in your service and then you the business do such an amazing job that they become a loyal client.

The best part is when they tell all their neighbors, friends and family all about you and you receive referral customers. And anyone in business knows the best customer is a referral. 80% of the businesses participating in The Exclusive Black Bag are referrals or business owners that have received The Exclusive Black Bag delivered to their home.

The Exclusive Black Bag believes in giving back to the community at all times. Due to the success we have been blessed with we have been able to offer no charge promotion to many non-profit companies. If this is of interest to your community enhancing non profit business please call to discuss how we can help.


Heather Lee Nowakowski


The Exclusive Black Bag®

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