TDS: Launches business security center web site

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Businesses encouraged to keep watchful eye on data security

MADISON, Wis. (May 5, 2009) — A business data security site is now available from TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS™) to help educate customers about the proper methods for protecting a business. The TDS Security Center includes information to empower small and medium-sized businesses to take action, and includes methods, both free and paid, to increase their security immediately.

“One of the most critical steps a business can take is to safeguard its data. Like your personal identity, a business’s identity can be stolen in a heartbeat by hackers who watch for susceptible sites and networks to corrupt,” says Scott Meier, Managed Services product manager.

A free PC scan and network security test are available at

Other site features include a collection of helpful articles on security, glossary of Malware terms, and a link to the security blog of TDS’ vendor F-Secure™.

“Customers routinely ask us about the latest Internet threats they see in the news,” says Meier. “Viruses, phishing, and DDOS attacks are all scary situations for businesses that often don’t have the staff expertise in-house to help. The new TDS Security Center can help by providing answers and solutions from two trusted providers, TDS and F-Secure.”

A few questions to think about:

Question: Do you allow employees to download free software programs?

Response: Often Malware and Spyware can be embedded into downloads that look innocent, but are definitely not.

Question: Do you think your business is too small to have to worry about installing security software?

Response: Think again! If you have a computer connected to the Internet you need security software. Most likely your computers are already infected if you don’t have security software installed. Unprotected computers are usually infected with a virus within minutes. Visit the site and run a free virus scan of your PC to see if you have any threats.

Question: Do you think your employees only go to safe sites? After all, it’s in the policy manual right?

Response: Often it’s hard for even the experts to know which sites are safe. The only way to protect your data and computers is to keep your software up-to-date, and your employees informed about Internet threats.

To stay informed about security threats to your business, visit