TDS: Files comments with the FCC regarding future of broadband services

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Drew Petersen

Director of legislative and corporate communications

TDS Telecommunications Corp.


[email protected]

MADISON, Wis. (June 9, 2009) — TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS™) filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry concerning the development of a National Broadband Plan for the Nation’s future.

The following statements can be attributed to Dave Wittwer, President and CEO for TDS Telecommunications Corp.

“We enthusiastically support the development of a national broadband plan and believe the FCC should incorporate the following three principals into its plan. First, the FCC should pursue broadband policies that lead to the development of a robust and reliable network designed to keep pace with bandwidth demands, which soon will approach 100 Mbps or more. This requires a commitment to reevaluate the definition of “broadband” on a regular basis to ensure that it does not become outdated. Second, because of their proven effectiveness, efficiency and reliability, wireline networks should serve as a baseline for the nation’s broadband infrastructure, with wireless and satellite networks playing complementary roles. Third, to keep rates and services in rural areas comparable to those in urban areas, good public policy requires the costs of deploying and maintaining broadband networks be supported by appropriate universal service mechanisms. The $7.2 billion appropriated by the Recovery Act is a strong start, but additional and ongoing support will be needed to ensure that meaningful and reliable broadband service is indeed available to all Americans.

“TDS, our customers in 30 states, and our 2,700 employees congratulate the FCC for undertaking this important inquiry on the future of broadband services across our country. We look forward to working with the Obama administration, the FCC and Congress as this process moves forward.”

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