Swick Technologies: Company continues to grow

Contact: Robert E. Hurst II

Phone: (414) 771-4171

During these challenging economic times, most companies are either downsizing, struggling to survive or closing their doors. Swick Technologies, a locally owned and operated, affordable On-Demand IT Department, is going through fantastic growth.

By offering small to medium sized businesses affordable support options for their technology, SwickTech is helping local companies save millions of dollars. Their dedicated support team can seamlessly transform IT chaos into order, without costly downtime. They firmly stand behind their work because they exhaustively test each solution before it is ever rolled out to their customers.

Because SwickTech provides big business IT Service at a small company price, they continue to provide value to customers while expanding their customer base. Their dedicated support team is proud to implement Corporate Standards & Best Practices with all of their clients, regardless of size.

For further information, please contact Swick Technologies at (414) 257-9266 or go to http://www.SwickTech.com