Savant Capital Management: Rolls out new educational events and speakers bureau to offer information from experts on relevant financial topics


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April 27, 2009 – Savant Capital Management, a fee-only wealth management firm headquartered in Rockford, IL, is reaching out to educate individuals on vital financial topics through a series of events, online seminars and speakers’ bureau activities.

Through the SAGE Advice Series, Savant’s experts will provide knowledge and tools for individuals, investors, associations and businesses to assist in planning for their financial future. SAGE Advice Series financial topics include:

* Am I Okay? – Reevaluating retirement plans and using tools to see if your nest egg is enough

* Retirement Planning – Tools to prepare for retirement, and how to manage your money when you reach retirement

* How to Weather Bear Markets & Not Fall Into the Traps – Where should you put your money?

* Avoiding Investment Potholes – Identifying frequent missteps

* MythBusters for Investors – Not everything you hear is true, and Savant will de-bunk financial myths

* Navigating Turbulent Markets – Using evidence-based investing to make decisions

* Separate Finances, One Marriage – Pre-marital considerations and blended marriage advice

* Transformational Philanthropy: Integrated Planning, Intentional Giving – Advice on leaving a legacy through charitable trusts and other vehicles

* Socially Responsible/Sustainable Investing in a Green World – Choosing investments that support your environmental concerns

* Attaining Family Goals through Multigenerational Planning – Ways to maximize your wealth that benefit the whole family

* Approaching Zero Taxes: Creative Investment Strategies to Survive April 15 – Finding investments that work within a tax strategy

* Basics in Tax Preparation – Basics of filing income taxes

While all of these topics will be discussed during in-person events and online seminars, businesses and groups can request a financial expert from Savant to speak at up-coming association, corporate or business meetings and events.

The first event to kick off the SAGE Advice Series is Am I Okay? This event will address the question everyone is asking about their financial future: “Am I Okay?” Savant’s advisors will provide valuable information and tools to individuals who are seeking to establish a clear picture of their financial future on what they need to do to ensure they will be okay. The seminar will touch on topics such as reassessing goals, making any necessary adjustments to portfolios and establishing a plan of action for your finances. Savant has developed a unique tool for this event in which investors can plug in their financial information to see how their nest egg is working with their current and future goals.

“One of the best ways to help decrease investors’ anxiety is to gather as much knowledge and information about all the issues surrounding your finances, and to let an expert help you decide how to overcome those issues so you can continue on your path to reach your goals,” said Brent Brodeski, Managing Partner at Savant Capital Management. “Our experts will share their research and professional knowledge on wealth management so individuals can feel more comfortable with preparing for their future.”

To view a complete list of events and topics, log on to To request a financial expert to speak at your association, group or business, contact Rebecca Kopf at 815-282-9976 or [email protected].

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