RedPrairie: Sponsors first comprehensive Carbon Disclosure Project supply chain report

New document examines managing carbon output and climate change via supply chain practices

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Today, RedPrairie Corporation, a leading consumer-driven optimization company, announced its sponsorship of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain report. CDP extended their study, of how climate change will affect global business and carbon emissions, to include supply chain practices in 2008. The most recent report included results from over 600 global suppliers in 34 companies, and highlighted geographical and industry trends for managing greener supply chains around the world.

“Climate change is becoming a material issue for increasing numbers of sectors and businesses,” says Frances Way, CDP Head of Supply Chain, “We will see heightened impact on industry from extreme weather events, impact of carbon prices and changes in consumer demand not only directly, but also through companies’ supply chains. The level of engagement on this issue from some of the world’s largest companies through the CDP Supply Chain process shows how it is now part of core operations for those companies with an understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on their business operations.”

Of the many findings supported by the study, collaboration emerges as a core message. The Supply Chain report emphasizes that effective and sustainable progress can be made so long as mutual support between businesses and suppliers continues to exist – especially as supplier margins are squeezed with increasing regulation and economic constraints. The result, the study concludes, will be marked improvement in business relationships, internal capabilities, carbon reduction, and management of critical supply risks.

“Even in this economic environment, it’s clear that worldwide enterprises need to recognize the importance of greener supply chain practices,” says Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie CEO, “Learning to reduce carbon emissions not only promotes a healthier planet, but sustainable and cost-effective business.”

Findings from the study were reported today via a launch in the offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. The new Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain report can be read online at:

About The Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organisation holding the largest database of corporate climate change information in the world. CDP gathers data through its annual Information Requests on behalf of 475 institutional investors with a combined asset base of $55 trillion, purchasing organisations and government bodies. Since its formation in 2000, CDP has become the gold standard for carbon disclosure methodology and process, providing primary climate change data to the global market place.

CDP Supply Chain is a collaboration of global corporations who have extended their climate change strategies beyond their direct corporate boundaries and are engaging with their suppliers via CDP’s annual Information Request.

More than 2,000 major corporations around the globe report their greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and opportunities posed by climate change through CDP.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is a Registered Charity (no. 1122330). In the United States, CDP’s sponsor liaison is Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, which provides CDP with 501(c)3 charitable status.