RedPrairie: Extends SaaS offerings

Nine-year history of subscription-based service now offered for entire product line

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity software provider, has extended its SaaS offerings across its full line of products. RedPrairie now offers SaaS models for all of its solutions, bringing a 9-year history of subscription-based service to leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors. The company has aggressively pursued a recent development strategy to enable simple capacity addition or subtraction across its entire line, making just-in-time scalability a reality for its customers, without a large initial capital investment.

“RedPrairie recognizes that many organizations need more flexibility with their product pricing,” says Llew Heinz, RedPrairie Director Hosting Strategy. “In the past, we offered extended contracts, broken down by user, as well as standard licensing deals. While those pricing models are still available, all of our products can now be contracted on a buy-by-user, by-order, or by-site basis. This additional flexibility will allow companies to rapidly scale RedPrairie’s solutions both up and down, easily, and at a lower cost.”

RedPrairie applications are designed to provide capacity and processing power to meet the changing demands of customers. Sizing customer processing capacity to meet current demands, rather than designing systems for peak usage, allows companies to maximize their investment while maintaining performance and reliability.

“Lower upfront costs and faster time-to-value are the two most-cited reasons why companies have historically deployed software-as-a-service solutions,” says Adrian Gonzalez, ARC Advisory Group. “These two attributes are even more relevant in today’s economic environment, where companies are prioritizing IT investments that will result in cost reductions and productivity improvements in less than a year. SaaS may not be the best option for every company or application type, but it’s a strategy and deployment option that every software vendor must consider to succeed moving forward.”

“On-Demand Solutions with Immediate ROI: SaaS for Logistics” will be presented today at RedPrairie’s user conference, RedShift:2009. Those interested can visit for more information.