Orion Energy Systems: Orion CEO to meet with key White House staff to offer energy efficiency solutions

Executives from Wal-Mart, AT&T and Dell among others attending event

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Neal Verfuerth, chief executive officer for Orion Energy Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OESX), will join a small group of executives from companies like Wal-Mart, Dow Chemical, Dell, Austin Energy and AT&T at the White House today to meet with top presidential energy and environmental staff.

The executives will meet with Energy Czar Carol Browner; Nancy Sutley, Chair of the Council for Environmental Quality; and Michelle Moore, the Federal Environmental Executive at the Council for Environmental Quality.

The executives, including Verfuerth, were asked to advise the federal government on setting and meeting energy-efficiency goals. Orion is one of three companies at the White House meeting representing energy solution providers. Other solutions providers expected to attend are Whirlpool and Schneider Electric.

The meeting was organized by the Alliance to Save Energy, a non-profit coalition of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders to support energy efficiency as a cost-effective energy resource.

“This important meeting validates the commitment of President Obama’s administration to energy efficiency, which is what we believe to be the best, lowest cost and most environmentally beneficial source of energy available,” Verfuerth said. “Energy-efficient technology companies are innovating solutions for our energy crisis now and our customers and electric utilities are seeing the benefits. Customers like Coca-Cola Enterprises, as an example, which has displaced nearly 83 million kilowatt-hours from our nation’s electrical grid, or Sysco Foods who has replaced nearly 53 million kilowatt-hours, both using energy-efficient lighting, controls and direct renewable technology”

This is the second time this year Verfuerth has visited the White House to discuss energy efficiency and the environment.

In March, Orion’s innovation and technology was praised by President Barack Obama, who applauded Orion in a White House speech promoting clean energy, the creation of green collar jobs and the importance of energy efficiency. Obama challenged Orion and other clean energy companies to “mount a historic effort to end once and for all our dependence on foreign oil.”

On Wednesday, Verfuerth will attend a meeting on Capitol Hill, where he will discuss energy efficiency and the environment with members of Congress.

Orion has deployed its energy management systems in 4,796 facilities across North America. Since 2001, Orion technology has displaced more than 459 megawatts, saving customers more than $642 million and reducing indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 5.5 million tons. Orion’s technology was recently internationally recognized with a Platts Global Energy Award for the single most innovative and sustainable green technology of 2008.

Orion Energy Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OESX) is a leading power technology enterprise that designs, manufactures and implements energy management systems, consisting primarily of high-performance, energy-efficient lighting platforms, wireless controls systems and direct renewable solar technology for commercial and industrial customers without compromise. For more information, visit http://www.oesx.com.

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