Optimize Wisconsin: Helps Wisconsin’s local governments reduce costs immediately

Contact: Sérgio Loureiro

(920) 217-0720

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New Advisory Service Helps Reduce Costs in Three Months while Maintaining Current Service Levels

Madison, Wis. – Today, many local government organizations face two difficult challenges: a recession-driven deterioration of the tax base and steady increases in operational costs, particularly those associated with healthcare and energy. As a result, forward-looking leaders are focusing on ways to reduce costs while continuing to provide the vital services taxpayers and their families rely upon.

Optimize WisconsinTM is a new advisory service designed to help local governments generate immediate cost reductions while maintaining current service levels. It accomplishes this by analyzing and then reducing costs associated with operational activities such as purchasing, human resources administration, and energy consumption/procurement.

Optimize Wisconsin is unique in that it delivers results quickly and without disruption—no organizational transformation or long-term investment is required. In fact, the typical service run time is three months from initial analysis to real cost reductions.

Optimize Wisconsin was developed by Leadership Business Consulting, an international management consulting company with operations in North America, Europe, and Africa. It is made available to local government organizations in Wisconsin through a joint effort with Autonomous Mind Consulting, a Wisconsin business consulting firm.

For more information, please visit http://www.optimizewisconsin.com or call (920) 217- 0720.