NewBusinessMilwaukee: Focusing on the new — Website aims to promote the newest small businesses in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin

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Milwaukee, WI – In the midst of economic downturn and layoffs, there are still many new small businesses continuing to get their start in this recession. One website, is working to make sure they are found by the local residents of southeast Wisconsin and make sure they get off to a good start with some free, positive exposure.

If you search anywhere on the web, in any magazine, or newspaper, it is impossible to find the latest new businesses in the area. Whether you are looking for the newest restaurant, entertainment area, laundromat, ad agency, hotel, night life, small businesses, or web services, it may take months for you to realize these companies even exist, until now.

“If a person had a choice between staying at a hotel built in 1998, or a hotel built in 2009, what do you think they would choose? Even if it is not always true, it is expected that new businesses have the best service, and freshest products. And they often do as they are trying to make great first impressions, but finding them is very difficult,” says Tom Story, web designer and founder of .

Why is it so hard to find the newest businesses? Google and Yahoo can take up to a month just to start registering a website in the search engines, and for small businesses it could take years to work there way up in relevance and rankings in their respective markets. Local newspapers can only do so many reviews a month due to space restrictions and many papers will review based on the ad space being paid in by the small business.

“Once a business is reviewed, or found, it will be in the headlines for a day or two, then typically it is just dumped into the large databases of existing businesses, never to be found again.”

NewBusinessMilwaukee’s website is simple. The site is a chronological collection of the companies’ logos, newest businesses on the top. Upon rollover of the logo you get the name, address, phone, and a 150 word description. Click on the logo and you are taken to their website or a google map of their location if they do not yet have a website. New Businesses can freely post their information on the website and it is usually put up within the day. When new businesses are added, they are “tweeted” via its Twitter account to its 300+ followers.

“We are constantly growing, so a person can come back to the site everyday and see something new. Also I think it is a positive feeling to see all the colors and logos of the new businesses together. If you are looking for something new and want to support up and coming businesses, this is the place to find them.”

Though many of the headlines will still be full of layoffs, cuts, and losses, is working towards making the negative headlines a little brighter by adding something new and giving both new businesses and consumers something to look forward to.