MMAC: Small business legislative agenda advances

This spring, COSBE unveiled an ambitious agenda of legislative proposals aimed at providing the tools for business – and small business in particular – to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We are pleased to report that this agenda is making steady progress.

Two of the items from COSBE’s legislative agenda – the Capital Gains Reinvestment Tax Exemption and the R&D Tax Credit – were successfully included in the final version of the 2009-11 state budget bill.

In addition to these budget wins, the following action has taken place on other COSBE agenda items:

* The Higher Education Tax Credit has been introduced as AB 80 by Representative Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) in the Assembly and as SB 52 by Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) in the state Senate

* Representative Jason Fields (D-Milwaukee) is having the “Home Field Advantage” legislation drafted, which would create a preference points system within the state bidding process for Wisconsin-based companies

* Two different Democrat Senators have expressed interest in introducing the Educational Improvement Tax Credit

* The Health Savings Account Tax Exemption has been introduced as AB 74 by Representative Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah) in the Assembly and as SB 45 by Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) in the state Senate

Next steps on these items will be to attempt to get public hearings on the introduced bills and to successfully complete drafting and get introduction of the bills still under development.

Members of the COSBE Board have also reached out to the broader COSBE membership to create a “ready response” group of business owners willing and prepared to support individual agenda items with direct advocacy actions ranging from calls and letters to legislators, to testifying before legislative committees, to funding MMAC advocacy efforts through MMAC’s PAC and Conduit. This team of engaged businesspeople will be critical to helping move the remainder of the agenda forward.

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