MMAC: Sick leave decision appealed by 9to5: Your assistance urgently needed

As many of you may know, 9to5 has filed its official notice that it will appeal Judge Thomas Cooper’s decision overturning the Paid Sick Leave Mandate in Milwaukee.

MMAC is committed to seeing this legal fight through at the appellate court level, just as we did at the circuit court level. As we enter this next stage in our case, however, we need your help in the following ways:

(1) To date, the City of Milwaukee has not joined 9to5 in its appeal. Many city officials understand the job- killing ripple effects of the paid sick leave mandate and are not eager to have this mandate resurrected. However, these officials have been receiving tremendous pressure from 9to5 and its allies to join the appeal of Judge Cooper’s decision.

The City must make a final decision no later than September 14. That means NOW is a critical time to let your voice be heard. We urge you to contact the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the Common Council President (even if you’ve contacted them before on this issue) to let them know what a mistake it would be to have the City join in 9to5’s challenge of Judge Cooper’s decision. Let them know what a powerful, positive message it would send that Milwaukee is “open for business” if the City stayed out of this appeal. Contact information for these city leaders is included below.

Again, supporters of the sick leave mandate are conducting a full court press attempting to force the City to join in their appeal. Your calls, letters, and e-mails with these leaders are critical to helping them resist this pressure from 9to5 and to come to the right answer for Milwaukee’s economy.

(2) By dragging this case into the appeals court, 9to5 has taken an already costly legal fight and made it even more expensive for MMAC. While we remain committed to standing up for our members and know that this is an issue we simply cannot afford to ignore, we will face tens of thousands of dollars in new legal expenses due to the appeal.

Many of you have been extremely generous in supporting our legal fight financially to this point and we want to thank you for that support. In the face of the new costs associated with 9to5’s appeal, however, we have a critical need for additional financial support and once again are turning to you for help. Your contributions will go 100% toward the payment of our legal fees associated with this case. Personal or corporate checks for this effort can be sent to:

MMAC – Attn: Sick Leave Appeal

756 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 400

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Thank you again for your assistance on this critical issue.

City Officials’ Contacts:

* Mayor Tom Barrett

* City Council President Willie Hines

* City Attorney Grant Langley