MillerCoors: Releases 2009 sustainable development report, “From Grain To Glass”

This marks the first sustainable development report since the joint venture went into effect

CHICAGO – MillerCoors today released its 2009 Sustainable Development report, titled “From Grain To Glass,” which presents a comprehensive review of the company’s corporate social responsibility activities and goals. The report affirms MillerCoors strong commitment to sustainability across every aspect of its business – from grain to glass.

The report showcases the progress made by MillerCoors since the 2008 joint venture between Miller Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company. It highlights the company’s dedicated efforts in its five key sustainable development priorities encompassed in its corporate responsibility platform, Great Beer, Great Responsibility, including: Alcohol Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable Supply Chain, People and Community Investment and Ethics and Transparency.

“In our first year as a new company, we have established a strategy around sustainable development. This report brings our hard work to light and puts the focus on MillerCoors people, business partners and communities,” said Cornell Boggs, MillerCoors chief responsibility and ethics officer. “Great Beer, Great Responsibility has true meaning at MillerCoors and we will continue to measure our progress in our five key areas and look for opportunities to further improve our practices.”

Available online at, the 44-page Sustainable Development report contains two distinct sections: a narrative that follows the brewing process from the grain that is a vital ingredient in beer to the glass that holds the finished product for consumers; and a set of summaries, organized by responsibility area, which provide the overview of the company’s activities. The report also includes an outline of MillerCoors fulfillment of the United Nations Global Compact.

Other highlights include:

* Recorded a 4.10:1.00 water-to-beer ratio, well ahead of the established water usage target set by the United Nations Environment Program for brewers worldwide of 5.00 barrels of water for each barrel of beer produced

* Reused or recycled 98 percent of all brewery waste, including glass, paperboard, plastics, metals and byproducts

* Reduced the diameter of its aluminum can ends slightly, resulting in $10.1 million in savings and a reduction of 10.4 million pounds of aluminum

* Received the Corporation of the Year award in 2008 from the Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council

* Collectively posted more than 60,000 employee volunteer hours per year over the past couple of years

* Invested nearly $10.5 million in initiatives across MillerCoors brewery and multicultural communities, including communities in Wisconsin, Colorado, California, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia

* Won the American Fisheries Society 2009 Western Division’s Riparian Challenge for a stream bank restoration project at the Clear Creek Watershed in Colorado

* Helped provide more than $100 million in scholarships over 22 years as a founding corporate sponsor of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

* Created a Chief Responsibility & Ethics Officer position to oversee and drive MillerCoors commitment to grow its business the right way through alcohol responsibility, environmental sustainability, community investment and ethics and transparency

MillerCoors also engaged an external assuror, the Corporate Citizenship group, to review the report, conduct interviews with employees and provide a third-party commentary within the report itself. According to the Corporate Citizenship Group, “Sustainable development is a core part of the new strategic goals. By choosing the tagline Great Beer, Great Responsibility, and planning to use it on product packaging, MillerCoors is challenging itself to deliver the same quality in sustainable development as in its brands. By presenting this report ‘from grain to glass,’ MillerCoors is recognizing that responsibility applies in all its activities, from procurement to consumption.”

The report also presents MillerCoors future goals for improving sustainable practices and continuing the commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. To download the report, click here.

About MillerCoors

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